Quotes & Jokes

Quotes & Jokes

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Japanese sex joke

Japanese Sex Joke

rough week

She’s Had A Rough Week?

jump up and down

Jumping Up And Down

arguing with a women

Arguing With Your Wife

bar of expectation

Bar Of Expectation

kidnapped son

What If I Get Kidnapped?

eat spiders

You Eat 23 Spider A Year

zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance

buy happiness

Does Money Buy Happiness?

The first fart

The First Fart

fashion style

My Fashion Style

being useful

Being Useful

ready in five minutes

Getting Ready In 5 Minutes

dear parents

Dear Parents

catch you in a lie

Catching You In A Lie

being crazy

Being Crazy Is Great?

going to bed early

Going To Bed Early

mirrors dont lie

Mirrors Don’t Lie